XX Chromosome. 23. Celestial spirit.
I can't wait to (hopefully) join the Army. I'm currently working on the weight requirements.
Aiming for 68X, 68J, or something in the 68 series.

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I actually own this underwear. lol

One of my favorite DIYs. It’s super easy, cheap, and fast if you need some last minute Halloween decor. It’s also apartment friendly, as it doesn’t require any hooks or nails in the walls. :D You can find instructions and templates to create these little guys here, but it’s easy to find other silhouettes with a quick Google search! I also picked up a 12 pack of rat silhouettes at the Dollar Tree a few years ago, and they’ve proven sturdy enough to be reused this coming year. I don’t know if they’re still available there around Halloween, but it’s worth a look if you don’t feel like cutting your own!

Nika Samarina


I like all animals, they are all great in their own way.

Except wasps, those little hate filled pieces of shit can go fuck themselves.


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